Monday, February 12, 2007

The Problem With Cluttered

I find it a bit difficult to write about Cluttered. I've neglected this project for a very long time.

So... What is Cluttered?
It's a short animated movie describing the semi-surrealistic journey of a husband, straggling to adjust to his wife's metamorphosis from a little woman to a very big one (with an unexpected twist at the end) the entire story is expressed with actions, not a single word is being said.
You can see the sets on my site and as for the characters: I had my mind set on making the puppets out of foamed latex, which was much too expensive to Import from the US (I was living in Israel at the time). After letting go of the latex dream I had a vision of making an oil paint on glass character animation, which would be composite on to shots of the miniature sets. But one of my professors got me to give up on the idea. So I decided to put the entire character issue aside an move on to work on the story, by making the animatic with illustrated characters on photos of the sets.
Here's a little peek:

Cluttered Animatic - Avocado Night Creme on Vimeo

And Another one (longer :)

Cluttered Animatic - Pink Powder Puff on Vimeo

And some more frames:

As I mentioned on the comments of my previous post I was working on "Cluttered" for more than two years non stop. After making the 5 minutes animatic, I came to a point that I felt Cluttered wasn't as good as I imagined it to be. and I've completely abandon it and moved on to other projects. I plan to finish it some day... some day...

I wanted to let you know that I won't be posting for a while, since I'm going home to the holy land for three weeks, look who's waiting for me there:

Her name is Meshi (Silk in Hebrew).

I'll be back with a long post and photos of some of my earlier works...
Take care.


Sven Bonnichsen said...

Good grief! How did I miss previously that you're an animator???

I absolutely ADORE your color schemes! Wow! And the skewed angles of the doorway... Sort of German Expressionist -- but not with those colors!

Your set design... Your style of drawing...


herself said...

Thank you for doing this, Hila. It gives me so much more on this, masterpiece, Cluttered.

Obviously the excellent art school you attended gave you much in the way of capabililty for your art but, and this is so often my problem with art education in general, your instructor's well meaning opinion had a terrible cooling effect on your creativity and expression.

Just because that teacher, or any/every teacher, couldn't see what you saw in your imagination doesn't mean it would not have advanced the craft of movie making.

Also, I've seen this with me, artist friend Clare, and others. that if we re-work our ideas/stories too much, it is natural that they could come to lose their meaning to us.

Sometimes I think that if we start from something that is emotional for us in some way and then make a simple development of that and then execute it swiftly with whatever we have available at the time, paper, clay, foam, digital, whatever, then in that way we keep our creativity flowing and satisfied.

Hila, I have never in my life seen anyone as talented as you and I think whatever you choose to do (soon!!!?!?) will gift the world with its tremendous artistic value.

jriggity said...

very very cool!!

totally unique taste to it!
you did a 5 minuet animatic...Thats a short in itself.

are we going to see the whole thing...your conceptis a very interesting idea.

Great Music too?? wheres it from?


Sven Bonnichsen said...

Well said, Shelley!

I think you captured the thing I've been trying to say about art schools and critiques... The way that for a lot of people they seem to first make a person think "I'd better not share this until it's good enough" and then "I'd better not make anything at all if it's not good enough."

And the vision of executing an idea swiftly, while the inspiration and emotion is still hot... Yes! Yes! That's how I *want* to create.

herself said...

Thanks, Sven!

I just watched these clips again and Justin's right, great music! Where'd you get it we'd love to know, hee.

And, Hila, I saw how your phenomenal room sets FIT TOGETHER!!!!!! ARGGGGGHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh! BRILLIANT!!!

I love the story too, and am anxious to learn the secret twist!

Ulysses said...

Hello Hila, Wow. As you can see you have an enthusiastic band of fans. I loved what you posted. I can't get enough of it. Please keep it coming. And trust your instincts, don't second guess them.

Ubatuber said...

Great clips Hila, your sense of design, your style, is just can be expensive to begin, but I can totally see these puppets in foam latex.....

Cute kitty, looks like my twins Biggie and Bunny (they're overly fluffy and cute too but its all a front....they're evil :)

Have a nice trip!

herself said...

I bet you Hila is kissing Meshi right now.

And right now.

And right now.

Hee. Enjoy, Hila Bills!

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