Thursday, March 29, 2007

Buttons Buttons Buttons

Good news everyone...
Prickie (unique button badges) are manufacturing 12 button badges featuring the tiniest details from my sets:
Pick your favorites or get'em all :)

I just got my set, and let me tell you - the print quality is superb!!! (I was a bit worried about that).

Plus they come in a neat black case!

Hope you like them.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Archaeological Findings

I'm back from a wonderful visit to Israel, where I tried to spend as much time as I could in my old room, going through all my stuff and snuggling Meshi (my cat) every few seconds. She just loves the sound of a drawer opening... revealing a whole new world to sleep in :)

And here's what I found...

My first animation attempts. Made more then six years ago, using an old Amiga:

Some Old Line Tests on Vimeo

Here is the first animation set I made. I't the biggest I ever built. It's base was almost as big as a double bed:

And here are some frames from the short stop-motion it was made for (all the puppets are made from an oil-based modeling clay, that I'll never ever use again!):

I'm so happy about the next find (which Gilad found on his father computer - His father took these pictures - Thank you Yossi :) I didn't know we had these...
It's "Cluttered" being displayed at the "Bezalel Graduate Exhibition" in Jerusalem:

Many people came :)

If you've been to my portfolio site, You've probably seen the sets I've made for the documentary film - "My Dream House".
Well... The photos you see on my site are frames from the movie itself, and here are some photos taken at the filming of the sets:

O, about the music I used for the animatic seen on my last post. It's from the "Benny & Joon" soundtrack. A sweet movie with a wonderful soundtrack.

My next post will feature something new...