Saturday, August 25, 2007


Wow it's been a very long time since my last post and a lot of things happened here during that time. We've made some important life changing decisions - we bought a house (which was much more complicated then I thought) and we're moving again in October. So all the creative stuff had to take the back sit. I did manege to make some figurines that I wanted to make ever since I first uploaded my portfolio site and got a bunch of e-mail showing interest in my version of "Jack in the box".
So here it is, my "Maniera in a box" figurines collection.

Starting with the "Flower Manierettes", featuring my five favorite flowers:





and Dandelion:

You can find them at Etsy.

I did think of you along the way and took picture of the work process, here's a few:

Heads waiting to be painted:

So are the hands:

Water lilies freshly painted:

Poppies coming out of a polkadot fabric:

Pansy's & Hydrangea's parts siting in a bowl, waiting to be put together:

More Manierettes are in the making, manifesting more of my favorite things like fairy tales, carnival freaks and even my favorite patterns (dots and stripes). So stay tuned, maybe one of my favorite maniera (maner, style) is yours too.